Sunday in Iowa

The unusual winding staircase to the Star Clipper building in Traer, Iowa


  1. Well now, that's cool!

    I have fond memories of Kansas towns (Chanute, Iola, Humboldt) where there was a park in a big square of land right in the center of town, with shops lined up on the other side of the street on all four sides. I always thought what a wonderful design that was. But I guess it's gone "out of style". My mother would take me and my two older sisters to town with her when she went to get her supplies. We children had small amounts of money to spend in the dime store. Mom would buy feed at the feed store and my older sisters would pick out which bags because they were made of printed material then, that became blouses and quilt scraps. To this day I remember how that feed store smelled of different kinds of grain. We'd make the grocery store our last stop, each of us would pick out a pint of our favorite flavor of ice cream in a square waxed box, and then we'd go and sit on the steps of the bandstand in the park to eat it for lunch before the old black Chevy took us back to the farm. The bandstand was elevated, so we could see across the park from it.

    People keep talking about "the end of the world as we know it", but those who are my age have already seen that happen. .

  2. Ilene, small towns in Iowa still have that type of downton shopping districts. What a great comment! Thanks and hope you are having a warm and sunny day as we are.

  3. did you visit the salt and pepper museum ?

    1. Sad to say, it wasn't open on the Sunday we were driving through...sounds like a good excuse to go back to visit, doesn't it?

  4. I think as you get to western Ohio, you start getting to more villages with parks in the center, typically with a monument or memorial. Mt. Vernon in central Ohio has one like this. A few towns here in New York are like that, and a few more in New England. It is neat.


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