Spring is going to be here soon – even after our last weekend snow. However, we heard the first cardinal this week, the robins have been back a week or two, geese and ducks are migrating in large numbers, and early perennials like chives are starting to show some green.

I have had these chive plants, split off from the first one I planted in my herb garden maybe 15 years ago, in pots for 3 years now. They have survived 2 winters outside, uncovered, on the North side of our patio in simple plastic pots. After the first winter, I split the one pot I had into two, as they got so lush. This year I will probably split them again and give one to my daughter-in-law and another to my sister-in-law. When the pots bloomed last spring, our neighbor had to come over to find out what those beautiful lavender flowers were.

I especially like them snipped and mixed into softened butter, rolled into logs, and put in the freezer. I just whack off a piece and use it to season soup, potatoes, vegetables, etc. for months after the season is over. We also like them in potato soup, sour cream dips, cottage cheese, biscuits and one of our Spring favorites, Buttermilk Chive Bread.

Last year I treated myself to these herb scissors – wonderful!  The slotted end on the blade cover helps clean out the blades.  At around $10, they make getting a handful of herbs for lunch quick and easy.  They cut herbs about 1/4"  and are just right for parsley and chives, as well as strips of basil.

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  1. After reading this post I went and looked at my chives. They are also coming up and I will pick some tomorrow for Potato Salad. Sure helps it look like Spring. My pot was from part of Susan's plant.


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