Use It Up...54 Pages of Suggestions for Gathering the Fragments

Mrs. Child's book can be read or downloaded free online:
The American Frugal Housewife   Practical ideas that still work.

One of the ways we can reduce the damage to our pocketbooks and waistlines is to cut back on the amount of food we buy and cook, and to use all of those ingredients to advantage.
Careful use of our resources is self-reliant, reduces the drain on the world's resources to feed the hungry, is healthier, and is simply good practice in our "household business".
We think that buying only what you can reasonably use, cooking it well, preparing and serving just enough and using leftovers and planned overs creatively are exactly the way to manage your kitchen.  Learning to preserve abundance by canning, dehydrating, pickling or freezing limits waste too.  Simpler menus and recipes certainly help, costing less time and money.
We have plenty of ideas for using up leftovers, planned overs, excess in our pantries and the abundance of food we purchase because it is so available in our society today as well as what we grow or have been gifted with.  We're sharing them here, hoping you will find some ideas that will benefit you and your family.  Suggestions with links to recipes are included.

Simplify to Use It Up

Thrifty Cooking Habits

Keeping Track to Use It Up

Use It Up...Bread Crumbs

Use It Up...Bread Cubes

Use It Up...Stale Bread of All Kinds

Use It Up...Dry Cereals

Use It Up...Cooked Cereals

Use It Up...Mashed Potatoes

Use It Up...Potatoes

Use It Up...Rice

Use It Up...Rice in Sweet Puddings and Salads

Use It Up...Wild Rice

Use It Up...Milk

Use It Up...Buttermilk and Sour Cream

Use It Up...Fruit in Salads

Use It Up...Fruit Crisps and Cobblers

Use It Up...Fruit in Pies

Use it Up...Fruit in Quick Breads and Yeast Breads

Use It Up...Fruit in Muffins, Bars, and Cookies

Use It Up...Fruit in Upside-Down Cakes

Use It Up...Fruit in Cakes and Cupcakes

Use It Up...Fruit in Ice Cream

Use It Up...Fruit in Sorbet, Sherbet and Frozen Yogurt

Use It Up...Shell Beans

Use It Up...Egg Yolks

Use It Up...Egg Whites

Use It Up...Hard Cooked Eggs

Use It Up...Cottage Cheese

Use It Up...Parmesan, Blue Cheese and Cream Cheese

Use It Up...Mozzarella, Cheddar and Swiss-Type Cheeses

Use It Up...Meat Bones and Fat

Use It Up...Meat in Sauce or Gravy

Use It Up...Small Meat Scraps

Use It Up...Bits of Meat in Turnovers, Rolls and Pies

Use It Up...Meat in Soups, Casseroles and Stews

Freezer Ideas

Use It Up...Properly Freeze Extras

Use It Up...Tomatoes in Freezer Tomato Soup

Use It Up...Freezing Peppers

Use It Up...Making Ground Beef into Your Own Frozen Meatballs

Use It Up...Freeze Extra Mushrooms

Use It Up...Mushroom Soup to Freeze

Use It Up...Flexible Mexican Filling for the Freezer

Use It Up...Flexible Mexican Filling in Enchiladas

Use It Up...Flexible Mexican Filling in Taco Pockets

Use It Up...Baking and Freezing Bacon

Use It Up...Freezing Ready-to-cook Cheese Filled Shells

Use It Up...Freezer Cheese Potatoes and Freezer White Sauce

Use It Up...Breakfast French Toast and Waffles for the Freezer


Home Canned or Frozen Hamburger Mix with recipes

Basic Cocoa Syrup

Cream Sauce for the Freezer

Basic Oats Mix for Biscuits, Dumplings, Muffins and Quick Breads

Homemade Quick Bread Mix with Recipes

Homemade Martha White Biscuit Mix


  1. Hello from the PNW I came across your page while searching for a spice apple ring recipe and now I have been lost in the pages of your blog for over an hour. I shall follow even though my hubs and I are vegan and sugar free due to health reasons, I have become quite adept at modification to recipes. I find your posts amazing <3


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