Pan Gravy

Pan gravy is made from the drippings left from cooking roasts, steaks, chops and roasted or fried chicken or turkey. For improved flavor, cook the meat with or add some of these seasonings: bay leaf, pepper, onion, garlic, celery salt or Worcestershire sauce.  
For each cup of medium gravy:
2 tbsp fat
2 tbsp flour
1 cup liquid (water, meat stock, broth or bouillon)
Remove meat or poultry to warm place. Pour off fat; measure amount needed back into pan.  Keep those rich bits of meat or poultry in the bottom of the pan.
Add level tablespoons of flour. Use equal amounts of fat and flour. Stir fat and flour together until smooth, and then cook over low heat, stirring steadily until it’s bubbly and brown. Take from heat, stir in liquid slowly. A whisk is handy here. Always measure liquid, too much weakens the flavor and makes it too thin. Return the pan to the heat, stirring and scraping the rich drippings. Boil 1 minute, taste, season and serve. Remember that purchased broth, consomm√© or bouillon add a lot of salt and you may not need any more.
*Brandy or sherry will add richness to gravy, a tablespoon per cup can be added to the drippings left in the pan to deglaze it before adding the flour and fat.  I use brandy for beef gravy and sherry for pork or poultry.


  1. I have always had trouble making even a simple gravy. I believe this will help me. Thank you! The flavor is bland when I make it.

    1. Anytime you can use stock instead of water and the drippings from your meat you will have lots better gravy! This is the recipe I used when I learned to make gravy and it still works!
      Glad it will help.


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