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As I watched some of my homemade semolina spaghetti go down the drain after straining it in my plastic colander, I started looking for a sturdy, medium-size colander that had small holes, but still drained quickly. I wanted something sturdier than a strainer, that would stand by itself in the sink without standing in the drained-off liquid, and that wouldn’t rust.

I searched the available kitchen stores – Bed, Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, Target, and a couple of locally-owned stores in Des Moines; I wanted to SEE what I was going to buy. No luck, everything had holes that were too big, were just strainer-mesh, etc.

I finally found this Tovolo Stainless Steel Perforated Colander , medium size, online for about $18. After using it several months, I like it so much I plan to get a large size too. I like stainless steel because it doesn’t stain like plastic, the ring on the bottom is sturdier than legs, and it drains quickly and thoroughly.

It might not stand up to heavy fruit or vegetables when canning, but it is very good for everyday cooking.

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