Using Your Noodle

This week we're going to give you several recipes to help you use your homemade noodles or dry noodles too.  We love these photos of Amish noodle day, especially since we don't have to make them by hand or make this many at a time ourselves.  There are a number of Amish settlements in Iowa, where we buy noodles and other bulk basics, especially bulk baking items and spices.

We are not giving the most popular noodle recipe in Iowa - homemade noodles with either chicken or beef served over mashed potatoes.   My husband grew up on this, and I use my home-canned beef or chicken in broth, cooked with my homemade noodles and thickened like a light gravy, and serve them over mashed poatoes - just like my mother-in-law's, with less work.  Many folks around here now buy frozen homemade-style noodles and canned chicken or beef to make the same dish.  It is still served often at family dinners, reunions and church dinners.  I use about a pint of canned chicken or turkey or beef, a quart of broth and 1/2 pound fresh or frozen home-style noodles; cook until noodles are done, thicken if necessary, and serve over mashed potatoes.  Myrna's kids liked this (they got it in school), even if she thinks it's too much starch.

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