Flower Gardening

Today is cloudy and rainy, but my Peonies are ready to bloom and the rose bush is setting buds. The yellow roses are in honor of our Mother. Yellow roses were her favorites. The pictures I am posting are from last year. They were so nice even with a not so nice spring.
I do not do the gardening Sue does.
Too many days of helping my Grandmother and Dad garden when I was a kid. Grandmother always planted about 500 Glad bulbs and Dad had at least 2 city lots in garden. Kids were used as Slave labor back in the 50’s you know.
I must say we were glad to eat the results of the
gardening. Is anything better than a sun warmed tomato?
Our Dad always tried something new each year. One year it was peanuts which did not do so well in rich, black Minnesota soil. Then there was the year he planted popcorn. We supplied the whole town for several years. One year he planted one lot in strawberries. Everbearing at that. We froze them, made jam and jelly, ate them and gave them away. It was several years before I could enjoy strawberries again.
Now I think of the good fruit and vegtables and can see and taste them warm from the earth and so good. However, not enough to plant a garden again. We have a good Farmers Market in out town so I can buy there and I will plant a tomato and some Pepper plants in containers, Maybe!
If you are putting a garden in, good luck and happy eating. If not, I hope you have a good Farmers Market also. Nothing is as good as fresh vegtables and fruit.

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