Let's Cook with Buttermilk

Okay – you found a recipe you like, but it calls for buttermilk, and now you wonder what to do with the rest of the quart.  Don't throw it away.  Cultured purchased buttermilk keeps very well for several weeks.

Next week we’ll give you a few of our favorite buttermilk recipes, beyond biscuits, Texas sheet cake and those 6-week bran muffins. Many quick breads and cakes use buttermilk, but there are other ways to use it too.  Try buttermilk to dip chicken or fish before breading, or in salad dressings or soups.

Some claim that buttermilk will cure a hangover, or that drinking buttermilk will immunize one against poison oak and ivy. Many pioneer women used buttermilk as a facial wash, believing it resulted in a smooth and creamy complexion

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