Frosted Cheese Mold

This is from The Better Homes and Gardens Golden Treasury of Cooking and was quite popular in the Sixties. I can remember it being served for ladies luncheons, in fact I used to make it when I had to entertain a ladies group I belonged to. Then I would double the recipe. It was always well received. I am not a fan of Blue Cheese but I will eat this. Don’t leave it out, it just gives the salad a little tang. This is not a sweet dessert salad.
In the original recipe, the salad is turned into a ring mold and the center filled with melon balls and frosted grapes. This would make it a main dish salad. Lovely to serve for a ladies luncheon. I am posting a copy of the picture in the cookbook so you can see how the original looks. I never used mint leaves. Not available in Northern Minnesota in the 60’s
Frosted Cheese Mold
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup milk
12 ounce carton cottage cheese
1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese (1 ounce)
1/2 of a 6 ounce can frozen limeade concentrate, thawed
1/4 cup broken pecans
3 drops of green food coloring
1/2 cup whipping cream

In saucepan soften gelatin in milk. Place over low heat and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Remove from heat. With electric mixer beat cottage cheese and blue cheese together till well blended. Stir in gelatin mixture. Stir in Limeade concentrate, nuts and food coloring. Chill until mixture mounds. (This only takes a few moments. Check in about 5 minutes. It will depend on how cool your milk and gelatin is when you stir it in.)
Whip cream;* fold into cheese mixture. Turn into mold or square pan and chill until firm. As I am sure most of you know, chilling the beaters and the bowl will help the cream whip better.


  1. Oh, yes. Blue cheese, cottage cheese, cool lime flavor, pretty - very nice.

  2. You ladies (I hope it is still acceptable to say "ladies" instead of "women", times change you know) have certainly made me a fan. As a divorced single man your recipes for sloppy joes and the various cottage cheese recipes look like winners to me and I will definitely try them. Your web site is very informative and the photography is excellent. Rest assured I am a permanent fan! Thanks for providing such an informative web site.


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