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You don't have to be bored or feel left out if you must eat a gluten-free diet.  Our mother and aunt were Celiac patients, and Myrna has been living with these restrictions for several years.  She has some advice for you from personal experience, and we have selected some recipes from the blog that we all enjoy that won't make the gluten-free person feel left out.  They are not complicated and most don't use any 'special' products  - but they are gluten-free.
Always check labels before buying. Products change ingredients often without notice. Keep in mind your own sensitivity levels.

Gluten Free Eating
Some suggestions from Myrna

Gluten Free Living
Living with some complicated food choices

Gluten Free Websites, Restaurants and Products
A few - by no means comprehensive - useful helps

Some Gluten Free recipes on our website:
Gluten Free Desserts
Gluten free Main Dishes
Gluten Free Salads
Gluten Free Sides
Gluten Free Snacks
Gluten Free Soups


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