Iowa in August - plastic flamingo parade!

After 10” of rain in a 3-day period in the Skunk River Valley, we visited near the Stringtown area, and made it back home just as the river was starting to cross the roads home. For a day, our community was cut off from all directions as water from Spring Creek, Muchakinock Creek, the South Skunk and Des Moines Rivers surrounded us. We are waiting for the crest on the rivers tomorrow. So far, we have been personally lucky, although there are many wet basements and a few folks who have had to be rescued from their homes in areas where they haven’t been flooded before.
We snapped these photos – shocked oats, the buggy parking lot very early on a Saturday morning at the Stringtown general store ( the Amish community shops before the tourists start coming), and the traditional farm with the not-your-Grandpa’s windmill. We actually turned around to get the photo of the plastic flamingo parade just to share with you.

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