Summer Days and Peaches

Warm summer days and peaches go together. I remember helping Mom can peaches, make peach jam (my favorite) and eating peaches whole and dripping peach juice all over ourselves. What fun that was.

Our favorite store to buy ice cream at would have peach ice cream with whole pieces of peaches in it every summer. I don’t think he made it, must have bought it from a wholesaler but as I remember it sure was good

I don’t think we ever did peach pie, not sure why, but it is something I make often when the peaches are in season. I do make other things with peaches, but the pie seems to be the all out favorite.

My sister Kay and I did a lot of the cooking when I was growing up. I made pies on a regular basis when I was ten and eleven. Surely was a help when I got married as cooking was not anything new to me. My Mother-In-Law was a great lady, but a terrible cook! Never had Lyle say his mother "made this better".
I think we were so much better off learning how to cook and clean as kids growing up and then we just knew how. I see young people today who don’t know how to do anything but open a box and microwave the contents. How Sad.

This coming week we will be doing peach recipes. Do try a few and enjoy a taste of summer.

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