Beef Pappardelle Soup

My husband and I love soup for quick lunches – and home-canned beef makes it taste like you’ve been cooking for hours. This combination is one of our favorites. I also can what I call “soup vegetables”, a combination of carrots, celery and onions in chicken broth – I occasionally add green beans to this mixture if I have them when I’m ready to can and I use these vegetables for soup all the time. In this instance, I used homemade Basic Egg Pasta cut in wide strips or Pappardelle – I also like any noodles, pasta or quick barley or instant brown rice in the soup instead.  
Beef and Homemade Pappardelle Soup
2 pints Home Canned Beef or 2 - 12 ounce cans
2 pints Home Canned Soup Vegetables or 3 ½ cups frozen mixed vegetables
2 Can Beef Consommé (plus 1 can water if needed for frozen vegetable mixture)
8-9 ounces Basic Egg Pasta  or 6 ounces dry noodles
Combine all ingredients. Cook at rolling boil until noodles are done, about 6-8 minutes.
6 servings
*Substitute 1 cup of quick barley or rice instead of pasta.

Drop-in guests are also happy to share this delicious soup - mix up a few lard biscuits or serve with cornbread, crackers or Myrna's rolls from the refrigerator or freezer.  Open a quart of home-canned peaches or pears for dessert.

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