Christmas Cookie Memories

Christmas time was always a favorite of mine. Even as a small child, I can remember coming home from school and walking into the house smelling like a wonderful bakery. As Sue has said, our Mom was a cookie baker. I also think baking cookies is one of my favorite pastimes. I no longer do all the fancy decorated cookies I did as a young housewife. My children and I used to spend a whole day decorating rolled out christmas cookies. Lots of frosting and colored sugar everywhere and no one wanted to eat supper that night.
 One year, I made lollipops using my cookie cutters for molds. They tasted great, but what a mess. Not one of those things to do again. Of course there were the filled cookies to make. Dates being a favorite of everyone. I am still of the generation who entertained for afternoon coffee parties with the neighbor ladies and you must have a fancy tray of cookies and hopefully something new to show off. Everyone tried to out do each other.
 Happy baking - and do it as something to enjoy not as a chore and it will go so much better.

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