Cornish Hen

Often I fix Cornish Hens for a holiday meal instead of turkey. With a smaller family now, turkey is too much for us to eat, and while turkey breast works well, we like the dark meat also. Cornish hens bake in a hour, thaw in the refrigerator in a day, and leave just enough left over to make a stuffing and chicken casserole, one of our favorite dishes
Cornish hens are roasted like you would a whole chicken. I do heat the oven to 450° to start as suggested by The Joy of Cooking. Then turn down to 350°  as soon as you put the hens in to roast.
Because they bake so fast, the higher temp. to start with helps them to brown nicely. 
If stuffing, allow an extra 15 to 20 minutes. They will hold about 1/4 cup stuffing and the rest can be baked along side for 30 minutes. Any good stuffing recipe that you like can be used for this. I have always used Kellogs seasoned bread cubes. Stovetop stuffing will not hold up well to the roasting time. Most bags of stuffing cubes will have directions on them or use your family favorite. Stuff and tie up with kitchen twine. Baste with melted butter and baste once or twice while baking. Place on lightly oiled rack and bake for at least one hour.
Plan on serving one hen each, and you will have some left over. You can make gravy with the leftovers in the roasting pan and serve with mashed potatoes or over the stuffing or both. Good Eating and easy Fixing.


  1. Thanks, I really appreciate seeing how you tie up the little game hens. I'd love to see your recipe for the chicken and stuffing casserole, too!

  2. The casserole recipe will be posted on another date. Glad the photo helped.


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