Quick Cookie TIps

Myrna and I have gotten out our cookie books (these are just a few of the many we have - old and new) and are going to be baking cookies for the next few weeks – plenty of time to let you choose a few new recipes or old favorites to make this Holiday season.  Myrna says the Red Cooky Book - top right - is the bible of cookie baking - if you see one of these at a book sale, snatch it up!
I liked these suggestions from an old Occident/King Midas Flour booklet, 117 Bar Cookie Recipes.
Quick Cookie Tips
1. When cutting dates, figs and marshmallows use kitchen scissors. Dip in hot water if there is any sticking.
2. Use a French knife for chopping nuts, fruit and raisins. Grease the knife or coat fruit and raisins with 1 tablespoon of the four from the recipe to prevent sticking. Chopped raisins are easier to cut through in a bar cookie and cake.
3. Drain maraschino cherries and other moist fruit thoroughly on paper towels.
4. When toasting coconut, place in 375° oven for 5 to 8 minutes until golden brown; stir occasionally for even browning.
5. Melted squares of unsweetened chocolate may be substituted for envelopes of premelted chocolate.
6. To make sour milk, combine 2 tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice with milk to measure 1 cup. (1 tablespoon for ½ cup).
7. When rolling or pressing out dough on cookie sheet, place on wet paper towel or cloth to prevent slipping.
8. Frostings tend to thicken as they stand; thin with a few drops of cream. Frostings should hold their swirls and have a smooth shining appearance.
9. Store soft cookies and crisp cookies in separate containers with tight fitting covers.
10. Do not stack warm cookies; they will lose their shape.
11. Most bar cookies can be stored right in the pan. Cool completely, then cover tightly with a pan cover, foil, or slip in a plastic bag.
We hope you'll enjoy baking with us.


  1. I have an old red Betty Crocker Cooky Book, and it is my all-time favorite cookie cookbook.

    The Joe Froggers cookies, which were "as plump and dark as the little frogs that lived in the pond near Joe's cottage" tickled my fancy, and I made them many times!

    Did you know that this book has been re-released? I saw it on Amazon.com.

  2. I have the Betty Crocker Cooky Book and Ethel's Sugar Cookies are the cookies I make most often. Very versatile. Always surprise my friends with the icing recipes from the back!


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