Christmas Cookies as a weapon

While thinking about the Christmas Cookies our Mom made, I remembered the year she made Pfeffernusse cookies. I am not sure what happened as they were hard as rocks. I know now, that they needed to be made ahead and mellowed with a apple slice in the container, and I am sure my Mom knew that also, however these never mellowed.
What Mom never knew was that we took them outside and used them as weapons!!
They were just right to use in a snowball for the snowball fights we had with each other and the neighbor kids. All the while, we would get the giggles and laugh so hard that we could not aim straight. Mom thought we really liked the cookies and they were one cookie she let us have. What fun, however she never made them again that I can remember. 
Beside the potato chip cans, she had LARGE white dishpans full of cookies. They were frosted and decorated. The Santa's had red frosting and white frosting for fur, the Wreaths were green with red hots for berries and then there were the Stars with blue frosting and white trim or white frosting and silver dragees and blue sugar. I still have and use many of my Mother’s and Grandmother’s cookie cutters.
Mom was like a kid when it came to making these cookies and gave most of them away. These are among my most cherished memories of my childhood. We hope you are baking Memories with your family this Holiday Season

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