Cornish Hen casserole

Tonight we are having the planned leftovers from the Cornish Hens.
There was enough chicken, dressing and gravy left to make a casserole.I layered the dressing, chicken slices, and gravy over the top. Some cut up orange peppers and some more celery and then another layer. Heat through in a 400° oven for 1/2 hour. If it seems too dry, I will add some more chicken stock to it, also will stir some sour cream in towards the end. Served with buttered corn and ice cream for dessert, it will make a light supper for us.
You could also make soup out of the left over chicken. I did make some stock from the bones of the three Hens and the skin. The browned skin always adds a little more flavor to the stock. As you are going to drain out the bones and onion and celery from the stock, the skin can be taken out then. If you do not have enough stock to can which you won’t from just this small amount, it freezes well. You can use it like that or when you have enough you could can it. 

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