Sunday in Iowa...

On the edge of Pella, Iowa
Do You Remember….

When “the convenience” wasn’t so convenient?
When many farms looked like this one – with a chicken house, barns, “foursquare” white house, silos?
When there were geese in the pasture?


  1. I think convenience is over rated sometimes.

  2. I think for the most part…the good old days…were not!

  3. I remember those days! I have to admit that I like the convenience of today better.

  4. That gorgeous farm...I'll take that any day!

  5. I remember visiting relatives in the country when I was quite young; a hand pump dispensed water in the kitchen sink (hot water came from a big pan on the wood-fired stove), and the outhouse stood faithfully several yards away in back of the house. I remember eggs in straw nests in a chicken house, and whole milk which had to be shaken to disperse the heavy cream which floated on top.

    Yes, nice memories--but I wouldn't want to live without the conveniences I enjoy today. No one is going to take away my microwave without prying it from my cold, dead hands.

    (Oh--about the geese in the pasture: I was chased too many times by angry, aggressive geese too many times to remember them fondly.)

  6. Love the photo. Town always seemed a hassle to go to as you had to wash up and put Sunday go to meet'in clothes on and act proper.

  7. Well, Marge
    We didn't like geese either, for the same reason, but we did like the quarters our Grandma paid us for "goose roundup", when they flew over the fence and sometimes got 3 or 4 blocks away. The best goose is a "Christmas" goose.


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