Sunday in Iowa...

Southeastern Iowa at the Stringtown Amish community north of  Kalona on a very cold fall day
Do you remember.....
When the wash went on the outside clothes line no matter how cold it was?
When clothes sometimes were  freeze-dried, and stiff as a board?
When most barns were red and utility poles only had 2 for electricity and one for the telephone?
When cattle gleaned in the harvested corn field?
Bonnie, my sister-in-law, and I talked about this yesterday morning over coffeetime.  She remembers her mother hanging wash on a line in the living room in the coldest months; Myrna and I remember hanging laundry in the basement furnace room.  None of us had a clothes dryer until we married.  And no, none of us want to go back to winter outside clothes drying.  I do use laundry racks and hangers for a lot of our wash, but I also have a first-floor laundry room that our mothers would have appreciated.  

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  1. I am one of those people who still puts the laundry out on the line to freeze dry. If it is to cold I dry them on racks in front of the wood stove.


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