Reading Labels

Are you a label reader?  If you’re not, you should take the time to be one.
Here’s an example of why.  The jar for this national brand looks like peanut butter.
The brand is famous for its peanut butter.  But if you read the label, you will see it’s not peanut butter.
Below the “crunchy” logo, under the “natural” banner, next to the “fresh roasted peanut taste” circle, it tells you what it really is….in very small letters.
Peanut butter spread – contains 90% peanuts.
If you read the ingredient list, you’ll see why it’s labeled as a spread….it contains peanuts all right, but it also contains sugar, palm oil, salt and molasses.
What’s “natural” about palm oil and sugar and molasses in my peanut butter?
The brand I buy contains peanuts (grown in the U.S.) and salt.  Nothing else.  We have to stir it up before we use it.  
Now that’s natural.

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  1. And homemade peanut butter is super simple to make! It takes minimal "getting used to", but is every bit as good and more!


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