Southern Living

One cookbook series both Myrna and Sue use are a set of three Southern Living Cookbooks.These are not their annual from the magazine, but cookbooks they published in the 70’s.
I first saw them at our sister Kay’s house in Houston. She and her family had moved there. Sue lived in Texas for awhile also. I always thought that Kay was the true cook in our family and we exchanged recipes and cookbooks when ever we got together. 
I bought 2 of them the last summer I was down to stay with her for a visit. We always went to the used book stores of which Houston has so many. What fun. I have a few other Texas cookbooks also. I used the two I had bought for many years and then Sue found the third one on the internet. 
Needless to say we both had to have it. Southern cooks as we have said before cook with wine and spirits a lot. Also a lot of sweet treats. When I was working several of the treats I took to work came from these cookbooks and were eagerly waited for and gone in the first half hour.
We have a variety, not all sweet treats from these books on the blog, though that is where I tend to look first. Good thing I am skinny by nature or I would weigh way more than I do. I do like my house smelling good from something baking in the oven.
Looks well used, doesn't it?

Some recipes we like from these cookbooks...

Seven Layer Bars

Rice Pudding

Chocolate Pecan Tassies

Southern Ambrosia

Wine Fruit Bars

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