Do You Remember...?

Do you remember……?

When all ladies, young and old, wore an Easter bonnet to church?
When shopping for an Easter bonnet was a big occasion?
When your Easter and Christmas dresses might be the only “new” dresses for the year?
When many Easter dresses were sewn by Mom or Grandma?
When you got your spring - like Easter outfit and it snowed?

Best Wishes for a Happy Easter
from Myrna and Sue


  1. Happy Easter! I do remember the fun of shopping for that special dress and bonnet. Most Easters were too cold for the dress and mom made me wear a sweater. Hated that! I also got a new purse and gloves to wear to church!

  2. On Sunday morning, my eyes were drawn to an older woman wearing the most colorful, exotic hat I've ever seen- daffodil yellow, rose red, and bachelor button blue flowers made up the entire cap. It was simply breath-taking!

    As an organist, I can't ever wear a hat, but when I retire, I'm definitely going to sport an Easter bonnet.


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