Do You Remember...?

  Spring, when your thoughts turn towards Spring Cleaning.   Usually, if I wait awhile the urge goes away.
 But last week, I did decide to tackle the two china cabinets in our house.  We have two, as the LARGE one belongs to Bettie and the small one to me. My daughter offered to help with this as she wanted to see what all was in them. I will admit that was a large part of why I thought of doing this, also. Things tend to get put where ever they fit over the winter and I had really not done it thoroughly for a few years.
  When Bettie moved here from Hedrick her daughter and I helped her move. (Maybe she would have been better off without our help?) Karen and I, opened two of the drawers and dumped things in willy, nilly. Here is where I need to confess, that it is still in that state. My excuse being Bettie wasn’t home when we did this, so Amy and I picked out a larger drawer and put the contents of the two drawers in one, without sorting out anything. Still a mess. However the rest of it looks great and in order and I found a few dishes, knickknacks, and bowls I had forgotten about. That is always an advantage.
  It reminded me of my Mom and Grandmother when I was young, They both did a REAL Spring Cleaning. Wash the walls, take everything out of all the cupboards, closets, wash the curtains and put them on stretchers and my real hate, which was hang the carpets on the line and beat them with a carpet beater.  You have to be old to remember that. I was so glad when Grandma got wall to wall carpet in her living room. Then you turned around and did it all again in the fall. Mother didn’t get this carried away, thank goodness. Since Grandma lived in a huge house there were many cupboards and floors to clean. When you were done with that, there were the gardens to plant. I sure do not miss the good old days.
  I hope you aren’t wasting all of these nice spring days cleaning.

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