Sunday in Iowa...

Do you remember...
When many Midwestern yards looked like these in May?
With new gardens?
With hedges of 'Bridal Wreath" or Spirea?
With big clumps of rhubarb that come back every year?
With poppies growing for Memorial Day?
With threatening afternoon skies as the heat and humidity rises?
Why small-town living still seems right?

Photos taken yesterday afternoon around my small town neighborhood.


  1. Awesome photos! Before I knew 'they' were poppies, I was pulling them as weeds. Happy to report that my poppies are in bloom! :)

  2. Our front porch hedge is bridal wreath. It looks beautiful right now in bloom. We have a lot of old 40-year-old plants in our yard. When we first moved here, but they haven't bloomed in a long while.

  3. Great photos! Reminds me of when my wife and I lived in Macomb, Il and I was a student at WIU. Later, we moved to Clinton, IA and it too had some of the same attributes. I now live in Houston and while there is no rhubarb growing here, there is some gardening going on. But not like I remember it in Illinois and Iowa. Thanks for reminding me.


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