Birthday Toys

  Well, another Birthday is past. When you get to my age you get to start having them again. Usually I say no presents! This year however, they all ignored me and I got some new toys. I must say, that I didn’t turn any of them down.
  Sue made me a really nice new apron that fits me. When you are short that is so hard to find. I will get a lot of use out of it. Then there was the new multi hued stainless steel Gazing Ball. My old glass one got broken. This is really nice and great sheen and color.
  Lyle bought me a new Singer sewing machine. That is something I haven’t done for several years though I once did all of the sewing for my kids and myself. Don’t intend to do that again, but it will be nice to be able to hem and mend again. Place mats are going to be my first project.
  The gift most used however is a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. The Drs. Have been nagging at me to put more weight on and get more Calcium, this sure should do that. Have had lots of fun with it and everyone has a favorite they want me to try. So far, just vanilla though today is the day for Strawberry ice cream.
  The Strawberry ice cream was a great sucess. Fresh Strawberries and ice cream what could be better.
  It is supposed to be 90° today so ice cream will be just the ticket. I’ll think about all of you while we are having a great time eating.
  Hope you get some new toys for your Birthday also.


  1. Happy Birthday late! I have an ice cream maker, as well. I have had it for 3 years and only used it twice before this year. This year, I've made Watermelon Sorbet (very yummy!) and strawberry ice cream. I remember making ice cream on our front porch with an ice cream maker that required ice and salt. The ice cream was delicious!


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