Pillsbury Home Baking 1990

This Pillsbury Home Baking 1990 booklet was part of the Classic Cookbooks series – actually #117 in their classic series of supermarket cook booklets.  It includes breads, cookies and bars, desserts and pies and cakes and cupcakes.  It also includes a multi-grain baking mix recipe and a three-way cookie dough.
You can still purchase these cooking magazines, and even back issues on their website for 2011 back to 2004 along with binders and slipcases.
If you go to any book sale, you will find both men and women with a list, trying to fill out their collections of these favorites. 
I personally choose ones that don’t use a lot of purchased mixes – 10 or 20 years later, many of those mixes are unavailable, but you can still enjoy making the recipes using basic ingredients in a book like this one.
Here are some recipes from this booklet.

Apricot Oat Crunchies

Chocolate Orange Blossoms

Choose-a-fruit Mini Pies

White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Pear Custard Sweet Rolls

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