Aprons, Farmer's Markets, Sweet Corn...Iowa

At the Oskaloosa Farmer’s Market last Saturday morning, Myrna ran across this apron booth, and when I dropped off her homestead eggs from Don and Bonnie, it was early enough to stop by on the way home. Of course, I had to buy some fresh green beans and look over the other offerings, but I was drawn to the apron booth, just as Myrna was.
The vendor and her daughter are the seamstresses; she said the apron pattern I used for Myrna’s birthday apron was their most popular, as the hourglass shape flattered everyone.  They have a website, www.jandjinspirations.com; they also make dresses, purses and custom creations.
They will have their booth at the Oskaloosa Sweet Corn Serenade Thursday, August 5.  That celebration runs from noon until 9 P.M.  The Celebration Iowa Singers and Jazz Band appear at 5:30 PM and the well-known City Band performs at 8PM in the famous bandstand in the center of the square.  The sweet corn and pork burgers run from 4 to 9 PM.
There is also a pie baking contest and food, craft and product vendors in the shady square.


  1. So much happening in Oskaloosa! I'll have to visit the farmers' market sometime. Love those aprons. The prints are so fun and retro.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the Osky event. If the weather cools down some, we may go. Love those aprons!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog looking for information about pressure canning time in Iowa (we just moved here a year ago) and think it's too funny that you're so close to us. We're in Oskalosoa as well. :)

  4. LOVE these aprons. I'm going to have to order one. I think the dog lover apron fits me perfectly. :) Thanks for sharing the link, Sue! :)


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