Gluten Free Eating

Some of the Name Brand items now available
 I went to the store last week and picked up a package of Gluten Free Bisquick. I rarely bake anything to eat my self as I won’t mess with having so many flours and ingredients to bake something. I will give this a try and see how it goes. The recipes look good. That brings me to the point of this post. I looked at the web site listed on the box and found that it has a lot of gluten free recipes. The web site is from Betty Crocker, ( and many of the recipes do not call for a mix. I am going to try several of them this next week and will let you know how they turn out. 
  I am sure that there are many of you like me out there. We’ll bake for our family and friends, but do not bake for ourselves. It really is easier to just not eat the foods with gluten in them. 
 In the last years there are many more gluten free foods available in regular grocery stores and that sure has made life easier for me. Checking major brand web sites, might surprise you. HyVee, a chain grocery store here in the MidWest has a page of gluten free foods listed on their web site also.
  I am not going to attempt to say what you should eat and recommend that you always read the ingredients on any packaging as they change often without notice. These are just some of the things that have worked for me. Hope this will be of some use and interest for some of our readers.

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