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  To end this week of posts, I want to again say that these are things that have worked for me. Gluten intolerance and Celiac have in common that you cannot eat grains of any kind. You should always consult your Doctor and a Dietitian and not take the word of others alone. 
  What I find so nice now is the regular grocery items that are now stocked on the shelves and are Gluten free. One of my favorites is Wimmer Brats and polish sausage.
That was something I missed a lot and now can eat. Hormel has a list of their products that are gluten free on their web page. Among these are Hormel all beef hot dogs, many of their lunch meats and Hormel Chile. Check the labels. These are something I can fix and enjoy myself. 
  Blue Diamond has a series of Nut and Rice Cracker Snacks that I have to fight everyone else for. Great crackers and five varieties. I really miss having crackers I can eat so these are a great find. 
 There are quite a few cereals now that are gluten free. All of the Chex cereals except Wheat Chex and Kellogg's have come out with a gluten free Rice Krispies. The regular ones are not Gf. Also one of my favorites, Cream of Rice. Be sure to thank your store manager for stocking these and other Gluten Free items and we will see more of them.
  At Starbucks this week I stopped for coffee and they had Gluten Free cookies Lucy’s Chocolate Chip. Not bad and good with a cup of coffee or tea. I haven’t tried it yet but one of our favorite Pizza places is now offering a gluten free pizza. One of my very favorite places to eat is P F Changs. They have an extensive gluten free menu and it is so nice to have such a large choice. 
  Going Gluten Free at least for me has meant eating at home more as it is easier to control what I am eating. Also most of the time the food is better. We are going to try to list some of our recipes that are suitable for Celiac sufferers in a gluten free category. Hope this will help some of you. Just remember to always check labels as products change without notice and what works for one will not always work for another.

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