August Gardens

August gardens...
We're enjoying the fruits of our small patio pot garden this year; the dry July has helped keep down tomato blight and ripened our peppers too.  We've been making pesto, using plenty of fresh parsley and sage, and eating tomatoes and peppers every day.  Sadly, our cucumbers are finished, although Myrna's, from the same seed packet!, are still going strong and blooming again.
In the photo above, left to right, California Wonder peppers, Celebrity tomatoes, Valencia sweet peppers.  The yellow peppers in the right hand photo are Blushing Beauty, which have a rosy blush when fully mature.


  1. Such a wonderful harvest. The colours are so beautiful it's almost a shame to eat them ; )
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. My Peppers are just turning red. Looks like you had a head start from me. Jealous...:)

  3. Mine are green peppers. But, as Sue shares, I have some of the pretty colored ones also.
    Fresh picked peppers smell so peppery, not like the $1.99 ones I saw at the store today.


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