Billy Ray's smokehouse

  We went out to supper Friday night at a new restaurant in Fremont Iowa. It has been open for three weeks now, and we thought we would try it out.
  The food was excellent. The sides were nothing special except for the onion rings which they were making themselves. Thin and crispy and I thought a little spicy, but the others thought they were just right. My only complaint was the order was huge and they wouldn’t do a half order.
  We all ordered something different. I had a pulled pork sandwich without the bun and it was all I could do to eat it. I don’t know what one would do with it on a bun. Excellent meat though. Not really a tomato BBQ sauce, which I don’t like, but a smoked spicy shredded pork. They smoke their own meats and the sides are the typical smokehouse type of sides.
  Bettie had the catfish and the onion rings and never did get to the catfish as she had way too many of those excellent onion rings. We brought the catfish home and more than half of Lyle’s twice smoked ham steak.
  The owner is from Ottumwa - Fremont hasn’t had a place to eat out for awhile so this is a plus for the town. It was quite busy and hopefully will stay that way. 
  The hours are Tuesday though Saturday 11 A.M. - 9 P.M. The restaurant is on Main Street on the South side of the street. The town is small so it is hard to miss.This is well worth a drive, just keep in mind the orders are quite large, but tasty.

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