Do You Remember?

Do you remember…?

When Summer fun was as simple as loading up an old pickup?
When families were so close you had plenty of cousins to play with?
When Sunday dinners were often at someone’s home with a big crowd of relatives?
When everyone helped out the cook with prepared food and doing dishes?
When gas cost less than 29¢ a gallon?


  1. Dear Sue,

    thank you very much for recommend my blog for the brigitte award. Thaaaaaaank you.

    Many greetings


  2. That is something I remember too. Such a shame that a lot of that is gone. I wish we could turn back time.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I want to cry reading this. No.....I cannot remember days like this....but I would love to. Our family was, to put it mildly, sick. There were 5 of us; My sisters Colleen, Dana, brother Mark and another sister Babette whom we did not get to know due to being institutionalized from a brain injury.
    I do remember the vegetable truck making rounds in the country, swimming in the creek, fishing, roasting marshmellows and hotdogs. Telling ghost stories by the fire and sleeping under the stars with my sisters and brother Mark. We did not get to know either side of our parent's families for many reasons so were quite isolated from the communities we lived in...but, oh how I longed for communion!
    I am nearly half a century old and find myself pining for the old days ...the days you speak of. They live in my heart.
    They were innocent and meaningful.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your life. It means a great deal to people like me.



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