Do You Remember...?

Our Grandma In Her Phone Corner
 Remember party lines...the phone was so important it had it's own place (desk, phone chairs, etc.)

When you could order groceries and have them delivered...

When people actually talked instead of texting?


  1. You can still get groceries delivered! I had mine delivered today. You just order online. There are a couple of stores in the area that do it. I live on the East coast. I am old enough to remember the milk man. Not too many of those around anymore. It came in glass bottles and you could get other things like orange juice and eggs and butter and chocolate milk. Just got rid of the rusted out old milk box not too long ago

  2. Oh, yes, we had a milk man also. I can still remember the cream freezing in the bottle and pushing the cap off. That's when you still had cream on the top of the milk.


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