Do You Remember...?

Christian Church in Keosauqua, Iowa
When churches were sanctuaries, not a ‘campus’?
When the simple church basement was the location for church dinners or wedding receptions?
When the church ‘play area’ was said basement or outside instead of McDonald-like play gyms?
When “summer bible school” was about Bible stories and the Golden Rule, not huge inflatables or commercialized like Pandamania?
When the main sanctuary contained pews with hymnals, not basketball courts?
When the only “music system” in the church was a piano or cherished organ?
When we had simple pot luck “dinner on the grounds” or ice cream socials instead of “coffee shops or cafes” in our churches?


  1. I remember those things Sue. The church is lovely.

  2. I do remember. Still can be found today if one chooses to find.

  3. Remember well. Our church had a tunnel from the school to the church so we had a place for recess during inclement weather. A time when churches actually looked like churches rather than pole barns. The old churches were beautiful. Glad at least some of those have been well-tended & others restored. There was a holy feeling when you walked into the older churches. Not felt in the newer ones. We have the dinners and various gatherings, but it's not the same. Maybe the children get the same or similar feeling though since that's what they are growing up with.


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