Farm Journal's Complete Pie Cookbook

My copy minus it's dust cover and well used
  The cookbook we are going to feature this week is the Farm Journal's Complete Pie Cookbook, published in 1965. I bought my copy the year they came out. Recently I was looking on line at Amazon and the copies ranged in price from $155.88 to $9.95.
I don’t remember what I paid for mine when I bought it and I use it a lot, but I must say I don’t believe I would pay $155.88 for it. At $10 though it would be well worth it.
  The cookbook contains my favorite pie crust recipe which for me would be worth the price of the book. However, the recipes are what you would want to have. 
  The Farm Journal cookbooks are no longer in publication. I don’t think the magazine is published any longer. Our Grandmother had a subscription to it even though we and she lived in town and nowhere near a farm. She got it for the recipes in it and the garden articles. Everyone in town had a garden back then. Some like my Dad and Grandmother had large gardens and these recipes used garden and orchard produce wisely.
  The pie cookbook has a large variety of recipes. There are 700 recipes included ranging from fruit to ice cream to dinnertime pies. The fruit pies use fresh fruit but also canned and frozen fruit. The mealtime pies use fresh meat or canned meat and fish for use in the winter when you can just open a jar and have a meal in no time. They have a variety of crust and the dinner pies have mashed potato crusts as well as biscuit and pie crusts. 
  Below we give you a sample of the recipes, though most of mine lean to the dessert pies. Pie baking is something I enjoy and do a lot of. There is something so satisfying about taking a golden brown pie from the oven and smelling the good aromas in your kitchen.

Cherry Pie

Individual Cheese Pies

Lemon Fluff Pie

Mincemeat Turnovers



  1. I will be looking forward to the pie recipes Myrna. Thank you.


  2. I have some of the Farm Journal cookbooks and I see why your grandmother had a subscription to the magazine for the recipes. I have this cookbook and yes, it is filled with great looking recipes. I have een wanting to bake a pie lately, so I will have to join in if I am able to spend enough time in the kitchen this week.

  3. you have inspired me. i am going to make a pie and will be wearing my new apple vintage apron:


  4. I too bought this cookbook in 1965 when it was first published. I love this book and have made many pies from it. It is falling apart and must look for another one. The fruit pies are my favorite - apple, strawberry, pumpkin, peach the list could go on and on. Will be making pumpkin and apple today for thanksgiving.

  5. I lost my copy many years ago. There was a recipe for chicken pie in it, with marjoram. Oh how I miss that recipe - haven't found any like it and haven't been able to reproduce it. If anyone would share that recipe with me, I'd be so happy! Thanks! Just being able to ask for it is making me happy in anticipation.

  6. Anonymous
    Was it a lattice crust pie? I am finding one recipe that calls for Marjoram leaves in it. It has a lattice crust. If you think this is right I'll try to post it for you, or send us your email or some way to send this to you off of the blog.

  7. Rhubarb Orange �� (Cus-tard) pie. Worth the whole price.

  8. I agree the Rhubarb orange custard pie is a excellent recipe.

  9. I was delighted to find this site. We moved to a 55+ community into a single wide mobile home. I had DOZENS of cookbooks collected over many years. Needless to say, I no longer have room to store all these cookbooks, so have found as many on line as I could, then copied and saved them to my PC. I do have this edition of the Farm Journal Complete Pie Cookbook and feared I would have to scan each recipe I wanted to save. Now, how can I eliminate enough pie recipes to be able to scan only the ones I will use some day, maybe?

    1. Now, you have a challenge! I have greatly reduced my store of cookbooks; I still have this one and I don't even bake pies as often as Myrna!


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