The Low Cost Cookbook

  I recently found a used copy of the Southern Living The Low Cost Cookbook
Published in 1972 by Oxmoor House, it gives recipes for low cost meals, and tips on low cost grocery shopping. 
  Some of the tips are still valid today and some are outdated. I sure wish Lamb and Veal were still considered a low cost meat and were readily available. Both are favorites of mine and not available on a regular basis in this area. When they are, they  are not inexpensive. 
  Some of the shopping guides make sense anytime. 
  Know What a Special Is. One, of course, is what are called loss leaders, another is quick markdowns. When the store may have overstocked an item and now needs to move it before the expiration date. If you have a freezer or can or make jellies, you can get some good buys this way.
  The chapters range from High Quality Low Cost Meal Planning, Seasonal buying, through recipes ranging from Breads to Salads, Soups and Stews. 
  I found the chapter on Meal Planning interesting. Granted we no longer fuss with elaborate meals on a everyday basis, this chapter had some great tips on serving inexpensive meals from everyday to company dinners. 
  Some of their tips, such as cutting down on waste I found appropriate as that is something I still have some problems with. I tend to over-estimate what senior citizens will eat at a meal. 
  With grocery prices rising at a rapid pace this book has many great ideas on saving on your grocery budget. It is available on line and at used book sales and might be worth your looking for. 

Here are some recipes from this book, we hope you enjoy and maybe try some of them.

Baked Pork Chops and Rice

Spiced Luncheon Meat

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