New Simply from Scratch Recipes

The New Simply from Scratch Recipes, Pillsbury Classic Cookbook #69, from 1983, has many good recipes for quick breads, yeast breads, desserts and pies, cakes, and cookies and bars.  It has about 90 pages of recipes, many with full-color photos.  The recipes all use Pillsbury products, but with few mixes.  When an older book like this uses mixes, you often cannot get them today, for instance some dry frosting mixes, some quick breads and cake mixes are no longer available.  But you can always use recipes that call for baking staples.
What I especially like about flour company cook books, is that their main goal is to provide homemakers with recipes that “work”, over a wide range of cooking skills, and with a variety of kitchen equipment.  Most of the recipes are not “tricky”, but are successful the first time.  They want you to become a return customer.  It’s no wonder that these recipes show up again and again in community cook books, where users contribute old favorites that they have made over and over or that was handed down or shared with them.
You can be sure that almost any recipe from books like these will be a hit with family and friends.
Here are some recipes from this book to try:

Apricot Date Bread

Onion Rye Muffins

Fresh Pear Bread

Whole Wheat Mustard Buns

Orange Cream Cheese Spread


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  1. I have a similar Betty Crocker cookbook - it's all ugyly and beaten up but I couldn't get by without it.


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