Do You Remember...?

Do you Remember...?
Saturday Afternoon Matinees?
Wonder Woman?
Gene Autry?
Roy Rogers...?

Popcorn?  Theater candy like Walnettos, Milk Duds...?


  1. Looks like Dale Evans in both pictures! I guess she just liked cowboys. LOL

  2. I believe the lady with Gene Autry is actress Gail Davis, who appeared in films with him.

  3. I remember Wonder Woman in the 70's. Honestly, I don't remember going to the movies all that much when I was young, but we use to take our kids to see Disney movies in the afternoon so it was cheaper!

  4. We watched Roy Rogers, Gene Autry & Hoppalong Cassidy every Sunday after church on a black & white tv that only got 3 or 4 channels! Didn't go to movies much, but did go to the special Christmas movies for children where we also rec'd a small brown paper bag of candy. At movies I remember the Milk Duds, but more so the Slow Poke (all day) suckers. I also remember peanuts with a red bumpy coating. And licorice bits w/a candy coating. Guess we may have gone to more movies than I thought! ;-)


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