How to ship cookies

  The Farm Journal Homemade Cookies cookbook has some helpful hints for baking and packing cookies. With so many of us having or knowing someone in the Service these days or having a student away at school, I thought some of these ideas would bear repeating.
  To pack cookies for mailing in tiptop condition you must take a few precautions.
One of the most basic is to choose the right type of cookies to ship. Thin, crisp cookies (refrigerator and rolled types) do not travel well. Soft drop, bar and fruit cookies however travel well. 
  Select a strong box and line the box with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Have plenty of filler on hand to use between layers of wrapped cookies. You can use shredded or crushed tissue paper, waxed paper or foil, Popped corn sometimes is used but might mold especially in overseas shipments. I have a friend who uses peanuts in the shell for packing. That way they have the peanuts to eat also. 
  Wrap two cookies back to back in plastic wrap. Tape shut. Put a layer of fill in bottom of box, Arrange wrapped cookies close together in neat rows to fill box with some of the filler between each layer. If sending more than one kind of cookie, put the heaviest ones in the bottom of the box.
  Spread layer of filler on top. Than lay folded paper napkins or paper towels on top. It should be so full that you have to exert light pressure to close it. It’s a good idea to write on the top and inside the name and address of the person to whom you are mailing the cookies. Wrap with heavy wrapping paper and tape securely. Stick on the clearly addressed label. Mark the box, Fragile-Handle with care and Perishable
  Be sure to send enough for your service person or student to share. Boxes of home baked goodies are so welcome and everyone will want one.

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