Cookie Baking Tools

While going through the Fine Cooking Cookies issue I stopped to read their list of what they consider the essential tools for Holiday Baking. 
 I am going to list them for you. I agree with their list and Sue and I both have all of them. Since I do bake lots of cookies through the year, these baking tools are in containers where they are easy to get too. The one item that they list that is really for the Holidays is the candy and sugar decorations, though I use them for birthdays, other holidays, etc through out the year. The one item they don’t list that I would include is cupcake and cookie and candy liners. They come in various sizes and colors, patterns and really set off a pretty box of goodies for gift giving. 
Some of the tools I use the most.
  Here is the list from Fine Living. If you are going to do much baking, you should invest in as many of them as possible. There are several good thrift shops that have a variety of these tools for sale. This would give you an affordable way to stock your kitchen.
1. Bench scraper - useful for scraping up   bits of dough, cutting dough and slicing    
refrigerator cookies.
2. Parchment or Silpat baking mats. - Saves greasing pans, and the parchment can be bought at most grocery stores.
3. Oven thermometer - you need to check your oven temperature once in awhile to keep it accurate.
4. Offset spatula  - Useful for transferring cookies. Fragile ones are best with this tool.
5. Measuring spoons - You can never have too many
6. Rolling pin - There are many types out there. What feels good to you works the best. Mine is now 52 years old and going strong.
7. Dry and Liquid measures - Need I say more? You need both types for any cooking
8. Baking and Cookie sheets. -  Cookies sheets have at least one side open to make it easier to remove cookies. Baking sheets have a rim all the way around.
9. Dough Scooper - While this is not really a necessity I use mine all the time.  2 spoons will work also.
10. A stand mixer is something neither Sue and I can get along without and if you are going to do a fair amount of baking, invest in the best you can afford. It does take a beating. We both have heavy duty Kitchen Aids.
  I am sure the bakers out there would have items to add to this list, but this will give you a great start. 
Good Baking!

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