Do You Remember...?

Do You Remember…?
Those convenient egg beaters in the mixing cup?
Those “ergonomic” tilted-handle egg beaters?
When your mom got one of those first electric mixers?  
When our mom got a Hamilton Beach like this one, she was thrilled!  She could remove the head and use it like a hand mixer to make 7 minute frosting at the stove, as well as make cakes with ease.  The small bowl was for whipped cream and egg whites.  The juicer was a popular attachment.


  1. I confess. I remember all of those things. :-)

  2. I don't remember my mom getting her first mixer. She was 36 when I was born, so she probably had it for years before I came along.
    I do have all of the above(only different), though, but I don't use them!
    I could see your mom being thrilled when she got her first mixer. Always having one, I couldn't imagine having to beat everything by hand. I know I certainly wouldn't be baking cakes at all!

  3. I have two of these! I love them and am so happy that I was able to find them at local thrift stores.


  4. Mom never had the beater in the cup, nor the ergonomic hand beater, but she did get the Hamilton Beach mixer. I was still using that one in the 1980's, and then gave it to one of my daughters as it still worked great. Unfortunately, my kids think they need the big new fancy ones, so I have no idea where Mom's old one ended up. I don't recall her having the juicer. I know I didn't have it. I still had one of the hand beaters until 10 years ago. Sometimes it just wasn't worth getting the electric mixer out for a small job.


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