Do You remember...?

Do you remember...?
When Mom graduated from the dime store hand can opener to a nice wall-mounted can opener?
When electric can openers, often with a combination knife sharpener on the back, were the craze in the '50's and 60's?  Often in harvest gold or avacado plastic?
Funny how no one wants to give counter or outlet space to an electric one now.
I think Myrna uses a wall mounted Swing-A-Way that our small town hardware store still stocks and I'm back to a Rösle  hand can opener that I can hang on my utensil rack or throw in a drawer - since I home can, I don't actually use many cans anymore.


  1. Yes, I use a swing-a-way opener. This is one of many I have had. Also the electric that tipped over when you opened a can of coffee.

  2. I have a red Can-o-Mat that I love!! It is so cool looking. I still keep my black handled swing a way in the drawer.
    My mom bought me a electric can opener 3 or so years ago and I have only used it once.
    Even though an electric one sounds nice, I would never go without a non-electric one just in case we go without electricity due to a storm.

  3. I LIKE pictures that bring back memories of years gone by. I think I've seen every one of these (in different kitchens)-- seeing them again helps me 're-visit' the homes that had them. LIKE!!!! Doris

  4. Living in the Netherlands, I only use the one center down, the handheld one, never lets me down like all the others did. Just check if the little wheel has pointing upwards zigzag grip. In my mothers house we had a mantelpiece on which, out of the way of children and pets hung: a pair of scissors, a pincushion (needles and pins included of al kinds), a canopener, a bottleopener, a shoelift and a calendar for noting birthdays, my friends had the same asortment in their homes hanging from the mantelpiece on strong nails. Reina

  5. Reina, So glad you found and are enjoying our blog. Sue and I are always glad to have new readers and lots of fun to hear from our overseas friends. Welcome.


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