Sunday in Iowa...

This nice barn is in Van Buren County, Iowa...
Southeastern Iowa has a lot of places with "barn quilts".


  1. Sue, do the "quilt barns" have special meaning or is it just for decorative purposes?

  2. According to the American Quilt Barn Trail, 27 states and two Canadian provinces have community-organized quilt barn trails displaying almost 3,000 quilt squares. Quilt barns were an inspiration of Ohio resident Donna Sue Groves, who wanted to memorialize her mother who loved to quilt. She painted a quilt square on the family’s barn in Manchester.
    Generally, the barn must be visible from a blacktop road, and it has to be at least 50 years old;the owner also has to agree to maintain the structure. However,we are now starting to see the "quilt squares" on other buildings that are not nearly so old.
    They attract tourists and help preserve this part of our heritage. The quilt patterns are those generally popular in that particular area.

  3. Such a beautiful barn picture!! The 'barn quilts' are so popular all around us, too, here in central (north central) Wisconsin. For $250, they're yours! Besides seeing them on many barns, just recently a very large well-known artificial breeding service had one of these barn quilts put on the roadside end of each of their five LONG bull barns. Now, isn't THAT just cozy!?! Thars BULLS beyond each of those 'quilts', folks!!

  4. Thanks for the information. I have noticed a few of them along our travels throughout Iowa.


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