Do you remember...?

Do you remember those fancy new sets of cookware promoted in the fifties and sixties?
Elaborate sets of cookware were popular after the war, when manufacturers had produced war material instead of home cookware...there was a pent-up demand and many returning soldiers were forming new households.
Revere ware and Club Aluminum were popular when we got married...the Club Aluminum came in pink, aqua, and later avocado green and gold - popular colors that dated your kitchen just like your Pyrex did.  However, I don't see it around today like you do Pyrex.  I have some Revere that predates my marriage and still use it.


  1. I love the old Revere ware and buy up every piece I find at thrift stores. But it must be the old line, the newer stuff is just not the same.

  2. I have some of that old Club aluminum. In fact, I have all of those pieces except all the lids for the sauce pans.I think I have two of them, I don't use the lids. I do have the chicken fryer with the lid. Oh I have a roaster, too. It started out with my mom's middle sized sauce pan. Then I found some pieces at garage sales. Mom gave me her roaster and then found me the chicken fryer that didn't look used. But it sure looks used now. I use it all the time. I have some very nice All Clad pans, but I still end up grabbing my Club Aluminum. They say that cast iron cooks evenly. Not compared to my C/A. It is the best for frying chicken. Seriously.

  3. I still have my mom's revere ware from the 1950's. That stuff is indestructible.! I think it would survive a nuclear war.

  4. When I was 16 I bought a large set of Salad Master cookware. That was over 45 yrs ago! Still using it today. It was called "waterless cooking." About 20 years later, my mother-in-law went to a Salad Master party at a friend's and was excited because she had bought a set. I chuckled and told her that's the same thing I'd been using all those years. She couldn't believe it! She thought it was something new. I think my older sister had bought a set by another company, but I don't remember if hers were Revere or not. They were similar to mine.

  5. I remember buying a set of Eternal Stainless Steel ("waterless cookware") just before I got married in 1968. Last year I moved from Los Angeles to Asheville, NC and gave away the last piece I had (it was still in good condition). Amazingly resilient and long-lasting cookware).

  6. I have 3 Revere Ware pots and a stock pot, all with a copper bottom. They were my husband's mother's--she gave them to him for his first apartment so she could get something new and fancy. Haha--I got the son AND the cookware! Both are pretty durable and have worked well all these years. ;^)



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