Scrambled Eggs

 When I purchased the "Betty Crocker Good and Easy Cook Book" waaay back in college, one of the things I liked about it was that it gave directions for simple things like making coffee, cooking eggs, and baking potatoes, and other things your Mom just made with no written directions.  If you didn’t pay attention while she was cooking, but you found yourself on your own, you could make those simple things by checking out the easy-to-read directions in this book.  I still follow their directions for scrambled eggs…although I’m like Mom…I now have this memorized.  If your scrambled eggs are dry and tasteless, try this recipe.  Make sure your skillet is large enough for the amount you want to prepare.
I like to mix mine with my great new egg beater from OXO – it’s sturdy, easy-to-clean and works like a charm for eggs, whipping egg whites and cream and lots of other chores around the kitchen.  It fits in a 2-cup or 4-cup glass measuring cup that are deep enough for good whipping.
                              Scrambled Eggs
For each egg: 
  1        Large  Egg
  1        Tablespoons  Heavy Cream -- or whole milk
  ½       Tablespoon  Fat -- Butter, lard, bacon fat
Break eggs into a bowl.  (I like a 2 cup measuring cup.)  Beat with a fork or egg beater, slightly (for a gold and white effect), or well (for a uniform yellow).
Heat fat in a moderately-hot skillet.  Pour in mixture and reduce heat to low.
Cook slowly, turning gently as mixture sets at bottom and side of pan.  Avoid constant stirring.
When cooked through but still moist (5-8 minutes), serve at once.

Myrna makes her scrambled eggs in a double boiler - see her recipe here


  1. Two things, I love reading your blog because I am not a good cook but I did believe I knew how to make scrambled eggs and turns out I was wrong. Second, I had a bridal shower in 1969 and everyone had to bring a recipe for me and they were all given to me along with the EXACT same recipe box shown in your picture!!!

  2. I have a ton of cook books but I can't live without my old beaten up Betty Crocker tome. I have all the metric weight measurements penciled in for my favourite recipes and love that it covers some of the basics such as this recipe for scrambled eggs.


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