Tupperware Parties

  How many of you remember fondly “The Tupperware parties”? I understand they are still being held sometimes, but not like when I was a young housewife.
  We lived 9 miles from town and our small group of neighbors and friends held Tupperware parties as a way to gather, spend some time together, have fun and earn some prizes for the Hostess and nice storage ware for the guests to buy.
  Tupperware was invented by Earl Silas Tupper in 1946 using leftover synthetic material (courtesy of Du Pont). Originally sold in stores, the party concept was the idea of a single southern Florida mother who was selling it at parties. Bonnie Wise was made vice president of the company and the Tupperware Parties were born.
  By 1951, the Tupperware Home Demonstration system was working so well that all Tupperware products were taken off store shelves and sold at parties.
  Maybe you still have some of your pieces or some of your Mother’s pieces left as I do. They were such good quality that I still use my measuring cups and spoons in preference to the many other sets I own, and one of the bowls is the only bowl I use for pasta salads. Great Stuff!


  1. As a young bride I attended one Tupperware party. I had little money but did not want to leave without showing support for the host so I bought a small item. I cannot remember what it was, and never realized I was a part of iconic America by doing so!

    Neat post!


  2. When I was very little, I remember my Mom selling Tupperware (mostly for the discount and freebies). So our house has always been well supplied.
    It's all so great and holds up so well that I raided the boxes in her basement when I moved out on my own.
    The canister set for baking supplies (flour, sugar, etc.) are the best!

  3. Yes, I liked the canister set as well. Over several moves, I don't have a lot of mine left.

  4. I LOVE Tupperware, and still have many tupperware products in my home. I would love to have more, but after the last lady who hosted my party ripped me off, I stopped buying tupperware. I was also told tupperware no longer has a lifetime guarantee.

  5. Tupperware still has a lifetime warranty on most products. I really enjoyed your post on Tupperware. I have one on my blog about Brownie Wise too. It is great that Tupperware is still around and that it still sold at parties where hostesses and guests are still spoiled.
    If you'd like to check out my version of the Brownie story go to my website.

  6. Living in the Netherlands and I visited Tupparties too, same idea, buying and earning the hostess a gift. I own almost everything in the picture, plus a small gift to attendees and I think, not many own one anymore, it is a small container wtih a lid with kind of brushcomb and small holes, It was meant to put shampoo in and massage and shampoo your kids heads with, never used it, Nowasdays I buy good Tp. at thriftstores, but oly the pre 70.s stuff I do not klike the coloured through later ones. Tupw. beats every other plastic container for storage, they are the only ones that keep flourmites out (or in, if you happen to buy a bad package).Reina (going down memorylane now)

  7. Yes, I still have several pieces of the older Tupperware, mostly from the 1960's since I got married in 1961. I might have kept some of Mom's, too, but that was so long ago that my mind has blurred. I hosted several parties as well during the early years of marriage. I don't have any of the new Tupperware because I don't need anything. The old may not be as pretty but it is still good. The new stuff is too expensive for me so now I buy Rubbermaid or something similar.


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