My cupboard secret stash

    Cleaned my kitchen cupboards this week, The weather has been so springlike that I felt the need to do something for Spring!
  The reason for this post however, is about what I had in my cupboard. Sue and I do not do lots of store bought mixes, at least compared to some I know, but I found more than I realized I use.
  There were the boxes of Jello, some Instant Pudding mixes and of course a few cake mixes, I won’t apologize for these as I like the cake from cake mixes better than homemade. 
  I had some Jiffy cornbread mix, a box of Gluten Free Bisquick, and a box of StoveTop stuffing mix. Two boxes of Betty Crocker’s Scalloped potatoes, they are fast when you need to get supper on the table quickly. However, no Hamburger Helper! 
  My guilty secret is that I like the Kraft Mac and Cheese in the Blue Box. Yeah, the orange cheese, if it really is cheese. So did my kids. We didn't like the homemade even if their dad did. Still don't like it.
  When it comes to canned goods, besides the canned fruit I had some canned veggies.  Hey we like canned peas and I must confess, some Hormel canned chili which we all like better than homemade plus it is gluten free. Also a couple of cans of corned beef hash. Two of us eat it and Lyle will always be happy with a can of Spam. When I went to take the photo I only had the roast beef hash left. We ate the corned beef hash for breakfast over the weekend.
  I always have a box of instant potatoes, and some boxed chicken stock on hand. The potatoes are good for breading and I use them in Sue’s roll dough recipe. The potatoes whipped with all milk or milk and half and half aren’t bad for a quick supper either. Canned tuna fish, canned salmon and a few cans of chicken and beef broth. While I try to keep my homemade broth on hand, the canned isn’t bad and is handy in a pinch. 
  What’s in your kitchen cupboard? 


  1. I am smiling after reading this post. I love Kraft Mac and cheese in the blue box too. In fact that was the only thing I could cook when I got married in 1955. I still love it. ;-)

  2. We always have a box of Hungry Jack potato buds in the cupboard. We both don't get home from work until after 5 p.m., and we come home starving, so it's so much easier just to pop the potato buds in the microwave for instant mashed potatoes. Our other favorite convenience food is the steamable frozen and fresh vegetables. We do a lot of microwave cooking on week nights.

  3. I have a box of fake mashed potatoes. I was in the store the other day and an older woman asked me if I knew where they were. I thought I knew, so I guided her to them. She told me about the Idaho instant potatoes and how she thought they were so good. I bought some. They weren't too bad. My son liked them. My husband didn't. But I decided that I am going to have them on hand. Oh and I do have some spam. I do not like it, but it is something my husband likes. You know what kills me? My husband likes canned biscuts. He doesn't want to eat fake potatoes but will eat canned biscuts. Oh yes, and he likes Hamburger Helper. That is something that is only in the cupboard if he brings it home and cooks it himself.
    Oh and on the Kraft mac and cheese. It is my favorite, too. I didn't get it growing up, so I made it for my kids. But it ended up that my kids prefer homemade!!

  4. While I love home made foods, I do use instant potatoes. They are real potatoes, just easier. I only make REAL mashed potatoes on holidays. But even on the last holiday I made the mashed potatoes from instant and instead of using water I used chicken broth and no one knew! I like home made mac n cheese - probably because when my kids were little they ate a box of the Kraft every day and I'm sick of it. I don't have any instant cake mixes in my cupboard. If asked, I think my husband would say he prefers mixes over home made too!

  5. Pasta! We go through pasta like no man's business. Pasta is cheap and feeds my family of 7 quite easily.


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