Good Fences/Good Neighbors

  Good Fences make Good Neighbors
New Raspberry Patch - Neighbor's Chickens
  In this day and age, town and city people are raising chickens in their back yards.  Urban Free Range seems to be the latest craze for poultry raising. 
  As a neighbor of free range chickens in town, I am going to say, fence your poultry in!
They do not make you a good neighbor if your chickens are running amok through your neighbor’s garden or lawn or chasing their pets or children.
  You should check with your city or town clerk on the regulations for your area. Do they have to be fenced, is there a limit on how many you can have? These are important questions to ask. You do not want to spend time, money and maybe affection on poultry you will have to get rid of. Do not assume that everyone is going to love your chickens. 
  After several complaints to the city, my neighbor is fencing in her chickens. How much better it would have been if she would have done this at the beginning. There is a lot to be said for good fences. Hope you are a responsible poultry grower and a good neighbor.


  1. Oops. Somebody did a bad thing. They are lucky you did not cook them and eat them.

  2. That was discussed. I was brought up that chickens were to eat or raise for eggs, not for pets.

  3. I am happy to announce that a new fence has appeared over the weekend. I would think the owner would be just as happy as we are that they are now safe. They can dig in their own space…Of course, they won't be able to dig up raspberries, but I am sure they can find something else to destroy.


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