Christmas Shopping

  Tis The Season! My favorite Christmas gifts have always been something for my kitchen. Yes, not perfume, clothes or jewelry, Kitchen Things! 
Special Christmas Gift
  Over the years, Lyle, and my kids and friends have been so good about doing that.
There was the year I got my new Kitchen Aid Mixer. One year it was a new set of Fiesta Ware dishes. Of course there are always lots of kitchen gadgets to be had.
  I am a kitchen gadget junkie. They don’t take a great deal of room to store and there is always something new out there. Thankfully, our daughter, loves this kind of present also. It is almost as much fun shopping for them as getting them. Kitchen items make great stocking stuffers also. If you are at a loss for what to get for someone, a gift card to a kitchen store is something special to a kitchen junkie.
  New candy, oven, or instant read thermometers, a special type of baking pan or maybe some new cookie sheets will always make great gifts. Of course, cookbooks are high on my and Sue’s list. I did buy myself a gift and got the newest Ina Garten, Barefoot Contess’s cookbook.  
  Christmas came early at my house and Sue’s this year. Bettie bought me a new set of Calphalon pots and pans. Wow, I haven’t had a complete set that all matched, for many, many years. I really feel spoilt now.
  Sue got a new bread board to roll out pie crust and knead bread, etc on. Just wondering, how many of you remember built in bread boards in the kitchen cabinets? Sure wonder why they did away with them. It took so little space and was so useful.
  If you are among those of us who love kitchen gifts, hope you get what you want this year. And if you are out buying gifts for Christmas, consider buying this type of item for your favorite cook. Happy Shopping.


  1. Love things for the kitchen-- this year I hinted for a kitchenaid mixer- by hinting I said this is
    what I want-any color-I WANT THIS!!!!!
    Here's hoping!!!!

    1. Good luck! You'll love a kitchenaid, we use ours constantly.


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